Saturday, October 25, 2008

Sumo or Judo: What's Your Strategy?

Rather than take on bigger competitors head to head using a Sumo technique...

...I find it infinitely better to use distinctive competence as the leverage for a classic Judo move that flips the competition on its head.

Distinctive competence is the unique and valuable strength that sets you apart from the competition, and Judo is all about using leverage, speed, and agility to your advantage. Combining the two gives you the best shot at winning.

I use this Sumo vs. Judo analogy all the time. In my opinion, the Judo guy in blue is having far more fun than the small, scrawny [and likely frustrated] guy in the Sumo picture at the the top.

UPDATE: For Sumo enthusiasts...yes, I realize that Sumo is much more than brute force and requires leverage and speed like Judo. My business point lies within the memorable pictures above. A picture is worth a thousand words of detailed explanation. Which fight would you rather be in? :-)

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