Saturday, December 13, 2008

SpringSource In My Step

Since the news is starting to leak out, I'll make it official.

I'm honored to say that I've joined SpringSource as VP of Product Management.

Having left JBoss / Red Hat about 10 months ago for a little "Purposeful Risk-Taking", I've been able to lose 25 pounds, reconnect with family and friends, work at and then close down a social web startup, and help a great colleague and friend spin off some of the technology called SocialPass.

Over that time, I worked in an advisory role with a handful of companies including SpringSource, which gave me the chance to get to know Rod Johnson, Peter Cooper-Ellis, Adrian Colyer, Mark Brewer, Greg Schott, Herb Cunitz, Mitch Ferguson and some of the others at SpringSource. They really have a great team!

Having been in the middleware business for about a decade, I did a lot of homework on SpringSource. I discussed SpringSource’s opportunity with Peter Fenton (Benchmark), Kevin Efrusy (Accel) and Rob Bearden, of course. I talked with a variety of SpringSource customers, prospects, and partners and was simply amazed at how many applications are running on SpringSource technologies.

My assessment: If SpringSource stays true to what it stands for, executes well, and focuses on delivering real customer value, then we have a great opportunity ahead of us.

Bottom-line: I’m excited to join the SpringSource team and help them execute on their vision of delivering customer value by simplifying the development, deployment, and support of enterprise Java and Web applications.

It's great to have an added SpringSource in my step right before the holidays.