Tuesday, October 28, 2008

It Ain't Over 'til It's Over

Last night I was reminded of one of my favorite quotes:

by Yogi Berra

How many business deals have you lived through that you thought were signed, sealed, and delivered only to have the deal implode at the 11th hour?

Rather than hit my head against that same wall of pain over and over, I use Yogi's quote as a reminder to work every project, every deal all the way through the finish line. While some deals may still implode, at least it won't be because I took my eye off the ball before the last out was made.

Speaking of last out...the reminder for this post came from last night's World Series game. I am a long-suffering Phillies fan, and the fightin' Phils were looking to close out the Tampa Rays in the 5th game of the World Series. They were up 2 - 0 early on, but after 6 innings of cold, miserable driving rain, the game was
finally postponed in the 6th inning, tied at 2 - 2.

As of this writing, they're looking to finish the game tonight. Weather outlook? Cold, possible showers....and snow flurries.
Aarrgghh! The baseball gods are clearly pissed off about something.

Maybe I'll ask Yogi to put in a good word with the baseball gods, while I continue to root my team on: Let's Go Phillies!!

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