Thursday, February 14, 2008

Technology News at JBoss World

While the news for Day 1 of JBoss World focused on the Enterprise Acceleration initiative, Day 2 unveiled the product and technology news.

For customers chomping at the bit for our ESB-based solution, the team announced the arrival of the new SOA Platform.

For folks interested in new community technologies, they were greeted with news around three new OSS projects:

The RHQ project is a joint effort between Red Hat and Hyperic focused on providing common services for infrastructure management. This project will provide the basis for the upcoming JBoss Operations Network 2.0. We've had a long standing partnership with Hyperic and this project represents the fruits of our joint engineering labor over the years.

The DNA project is a new project, spearheaded by the MetaMatrix team, focused on providing an open source repository and tools that make it easy to capture, version, analyze, and understand the fundamental building blocks of information, models, service and process definitions, schemas, source code, and other artifacts. This is just the first project designed to address the complex and varied needs of SOA governance.

The BlackTie project, while not yet launched, is arguably my favorite of the three new project announcements. Why? Because I have been competing with BEA for many years and hopefully the name of this new project is an indicator of what it's about...namely freeing Tuxedo customers from the yoke of their massive maintenance fees.

Anyhow, that's the tech news for today at JBoss World...we hope you enjoy it.

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TF said...

great news! I personally have been waiting for a long time to see ON be freed.

Are you looking for community contributions to these projects? If so, could you please make sure the process to apply for commit rights works.

Thanks :-)