Saturday, July 24, 2010

Block Dude Evolved

My son's first foray into programming started a few years ago playing ROBLOX; a virtual playworld where kids can create and customize the look and behavior of their own online worlds. I wrote a couple of posts including "Professor ROBLOX: Class In Session" covering how ROBLOX is actually shaping the lives of future programmers since kids use the Lua scripting language to customize the behavior of their worlds.

My son moved on past Lua and taught himself TI Assembly Programming and Visual C++. His goal: create games for the TI-84 graphing calculator so he and his middle-school friends could play games rather than pay attention in math class. :-)

With the rise of the Apple iPod Touch and iPhone, he has launched headfirst into Objective-C and delivered "Block Dude Evolved", a recreation of the all-time classic TI calculator game called "Block Dude".

Block Dude Evolved is a puzzle game. The goal is to move your little man across obstacles and out the exit door on the level. The challenge is that you need to pick up and move blocks to help you climb over obstacles that are between you and the door. You can only step up one block at a time, so if you are facing a wall two blocks high, then you need to grab a movable block and plop it down so you can climb up. The first level is pretty simple, but the levels increase in difficulty after that.

The controls of Block Dude Evolved are pretty simple. To move the little man left or right, you just tap those sides of the screen. To climb up a block, just tap the upper portion of the screen. If you are standing next to a block that can be picked up, just tap the block and you will lift it above your head. Then you simply move to where you want to be and tap the spot where you want to drop the block. If you want to exit out of the game, just tap two fingers at the same time.

Block Dude Evolved has a Settings dialog that enables you to customize the look:

For example, you can choose the Future look:

Or the Revamped look:

Anyhow, if you have an Apple iPod Touch or iPhone and yearn for the days of classic brain-puzzle games, then I recommend you give Block Dude Evolved a try.

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I <3 Block Dude Evolved! I was just asking myself on July 16 I wonder if there is a Block dude for iPhone and then I fell in love. Block Dude evolved! I found it on release date! I WAS SO HAPPY! Is there a way I can contact your son? Would LOVE to submit some feedback directly to him!