Friday, October 3, 2008

What Is Inbound Marketing? A Great Path To 0 and 100!

Interesting question being asked on the HubSpot blog:
What Does Inbound Marketing Mean To You?

"Some use the term digital marketing, some online marketing, and still others -- particularly ourselves -- inbound marketing.
What do you make of these terms?
What does inbound marketing mean to you?"

Before I answer the question, let me list 2 key questions marketers are (or should be) asking themselves:
  1. How do I enable prospects and customers to find and interact with the unique value I have to offer?
  2. How do I convert those interested prospects into paying customers?

Related questions from the CEO / Business Owner would be:
  1. How do I reduce the costs of acquiring 0?
  2. How do I increase conversion 100%?
0 and 100 represent nirvana of course.

Inbound Marketing (which leverages the power and reach of the Internet) represents a modern approach to adjusting the dials/knobs that have an impact on answering these questions.

For example, increasing your number of website visitors and increasing the rate at which those visitors take your specific call to action (buy, download, etc.)... drives your costs towards 0...and conversion rates towards 100%.

So, with that said, my answer to "What Is Inbound Marketing?" is:

A Great Path To 0 and 100!

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