Tuesday, April 24, 2007

Driving Developer Preference

JBoss' success has hinged on grassroots adoption by developers and users of our open source technologies. Thank you for your support over the years! With our relaunch of JBoss.org, we are hoping to fuel that innovative spirit further and keep our users informed and excited about our new technologies and directions.

There are many types of developers, of course. While many will download our open source components and tools and support themselves via our forums and wikis, many corporate developers just want a set of solid tools they can use and a well tested platform to develop and deploy on. While they may think innovation is cool...and will factor it into future applications...stability is what gets deployed today. They have a job to do and want vendors like Red Hat to make their lives simpler.

At Red Hat, we are focused on driving preference for our Open Source Architecture as early in the development lifecycle as possible. So, we are building on the grassroots relationship JBoss has with developers and consolidating our developer-related efforts into a single strategy across all of Red Hat.

Towards that end, we have launched the following new subscriptions:
  • Red Hat Developer Professional is designed for corporate developers and individuals.
  • Red Hat Developer Enterprise is designed for Independent Software Vendors, larger development organizations and mission critical development projects.
  • Red Hat Developer Studio is an Eclipse-based development tools environment that integrates tools for Linux, Java, and Web 2.0 application development.
The first two offerings provide full access and developer support for ALL Red Hat certified products (Red Hat Enterprise Linux, JBoss Enterprise Middleware, etc.) under a single subscription. We want to make it as easy as possible for developers to get access to any/all of our certified bits and support them in the use of those bits as they're developing their applications.

The Red Hat Developer Studio subscription is due out in the summer timeframe and will integrate all of our Eclipse-based tools, including the Exadel Studio Pro and Ajax technologies, into a development environment that works well with and includes our certified platforms. So, developers will not only get the tools but also access to our certified JBoss and Red Hat Enterprise Linux platforms.

This is a first step, of course, and as always, if you have cool ideas for other things we should be doing to help developers, just let us know.


Andy said...

Just don't forget developers that go home and tinker with stuff who want to purchase the tools for RHDS, but don't want to go paying for a pack of 5 user licenses, which, last I saw was the only licensing option for RHDS.

Also, why no mention of Seam in there since it is by far one of the most attractive elements of the whole package for developers interested in RHDS.

Shaun Connolly said...

I was trying to keep my blog short as per my Thank You Sir May I have Another blog, I did leave out a few details.

RHDS is intended for the developers who want it all integrated together. And at a price point that we expect to be around $99 for access to RHDS as well as our certified platforms (RHEL + JBoss), that is a really good deal.

Great point on JBoss Seam....RHDS will include tools that make developing with Seam even easier.