Saturday, March 24, 2007

OFF TOPIC: Is Mode-F Aptly Named?

My kids have been complaining that the special Windows keyboard we have acts weird, forces then to scream at their friends when they are IM'ing, and at times, displays a series of never ending "/" characters or just refuses to display any letters whatsoever.

I'm an electrical engineer by education and have been in the software industry for 20 years, so I've ignored their complaints, assuming they are overstating the situation as kids sometimes do. I was sitting at the family computer this morning, sipping my coffee, reading through the land of news and blogs....the keyboard starts getting a mind of its own. With no rhyme or reason, EVERY LETTER I TYPE IS IN ALL CAPS. Toggling caps-lock sorta helps but causes other issues.

I begin to search online forums for some help and I see mention of the "Mode F" button. I toggle the Mode-F button and get a stream of unending "///////////" across my screen. Hitting the Escape key about 1000 times seems to solve the problem, and things go back to normal...for a few minutes.

Then the fun just repeats itself over and over like a frustrating scene from Ground Hog Day.

Well as they say here in Philly....Mode-F me? Well Mode-F you.
I quickly called my uncle Tony...and needless to say there is one less keyboard in the world today. :-)

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